Here are some of our most commonly asked questions

Is it better to buy new furniture or re-upholster existing stuff?

This depends on the existing furniture. If your sofa/chair is of good solid quality and still serves the purpose then yes, it is worth recovering. It is always cheaper to recover a quality sofa rather than to buy the equivalent product new. Don't compare prices if cheap imported sofas to recovering a good old one as the quality difference in huge. At Kadima we make new furniture AND re-upholster so we an give you balanced advice either way as to what the best solution for you is. 

Why is imported furniture usually cheaper than local product?

Well, it isn't always. But generally speaking if something is priced too attractively then something will be missing. Usually quality. There is much that can be hidden underneath the cover of a sofa. Cutting corners on interior componantry quality and the quality of the leather is usually the reason retail furniture is so cheap today. But it is a false economy and the results are almost certain to disappoint. 

Does it cost more to have furniture custom made to fit me?

That very much depends on the requirement. It's best to visit us at our showroom and we can assess your needs and go from there. Quite often the alteration from the standard will not cost anything extra at all. Sometimes only an extra 5–10% but it can also vary if the customisation is radical. 

What's the difference between premium full grain leather and cheap leather?

A huge quality difference based on the layer of the hide and how it's finished. Almost all cheaper leather is low grade leather or leather from the split underneath the top layer. This cheap leather has a reconstituted top, either bi cast with a vinyl layer or painted and printed with a leather pattern.  Premium leather is the top layer of the hide and is dyed through with a natural grain on the surface. There are many variables of premium leather finishes and that is best discussed in store with one of our consultants. 

Are there fabrics that won't fade?

The short answer is no. All fabrics will fade to some degree if exposed to sunlight and the best way to prevent fade is to have UV treated windows or filter curtains. But some fabrics will "fade well", or so slowly that it won't be apparent. Ask our consultants in store to show you fabrics from our extensive library that fit that category.

What type of frames and interior product does Kadima use?

We use solid kiln dried pine for our frames, all blocked and re-enforced to commercial standards. Our suspension systems are steel springs and steel plates, and the padding is either high resilience foam or ergo fill synthetic. All guaranteed for at least a decade but it should last a generation. Most cheap furniture is made from particle board and elastic, and won't last long. 

What is the lead time once an order is placed?

This will depend on our bookings and the job required. We usually run to about 6 weeks lead time but we can generally make provision for urgent orders.  Just ask and we can make it work for you. 

Is Kadima priced direct ex factory?

Yes. Although we do have costs that pure wholesalers don't have such as marketing and showroom costs, we still sell direct at direct prices.  If you compare the quality to a similar product at the high end stores elsewhere you will see savings of 30–50%.  It's always about comparing apples with apples and ours compare very well in the cost/quality ratio.